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Vending machines and cigarettes.
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He looks like a very sirious character and doesn't fool around, he just gets the job done though I think deep down he has softness. He ...

I don't really know what to say, It's amazing in my opinion and I think it is very original. A lot of the time you don't see art like t...

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Clearwater High series 1 chapter 4 :iconarticuno111:articuno111 0 0
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alfheim online ID
Yuuki= :thumb682818192:

No info can be leaked yet.
Yuri Konno
Yuri will be my mascot, she looks like me and reminds me of myself. Thats all I can reveal now. This will be updated and I will say when she is. I can tell you she will be a part of a upcoming series. When I finish Clarwater high you will find out more but it may spread across two series. I'm not sure yet.

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Shiori had prepared to have special training the next day so she set a super loud alarm for early in the mourning.

“Alarm, shut up,” Shiori murmured.”It’s to early… I said it’s to early!”

Shiori smacked the alarm, it was loud but Solar didn’t even flinch. Eventually, Solar woke up, but by then it was almost time for training.

“You slept like a rock.”

“I what!” Solar shouted in response.

It had been days since new year and Yahiko and the twins had been with Shiori, with this being a stress builder, things had gotten tough.

“Yuta!” shouted Yashiro. “Why are you here?”

“Shiori asked me to help out with some special training,” he replied.

Special training went on, Shiori on the other hand, didn’t; she had got a song stuck in her head and it kept playing over and over.

“Shiori !” shouted Kazuma. “Shiori, Shiori, SHIORIII!”

“Yes,” she said sleepily.

“Honestly, if I could say it any better, It looks like you took the sleeping pill,” he exclaimed.

The next day something truly strange happened.

“Shiori, do you… like anyone?” asked Kazuma.

There was a silence.

“Like someone? Uh, no, not at all…”

He could see right through Shiori’s lies. It was obvious she liked someone, but who? Was it the transfer student? No, it couldn’t be. Time passed in an instant.

“Blow up louder!” she shouted.

“Blow up in your face!” Kazuma shouted back.
“This is what happens when Shiori gets a mind of her own,” said Anzu.

“Well she’s not gonna share!” Mitsuki exclaimed.

It had been an hour now but things never changed.

“If you keep shouting blow up lo…” Mitsuki said.

“Don’t worry,” ensured Anzu, “She’ll snap out of her mental disorder in about five to ten mins.”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Anzu opened it and saw a young girl, her eyes glowed red and she wore a dark dress.

“Not the sort of person who should be marching around in a school,” muttered Shiori.

“Don’t be rude!” shouted Anzu.

“Your the club of mental, magic freaks.”

“Cultural club,” said Shiori.

“My master has told me all about you, you must have many questions about me and my master, but there is a piece of information I must pass on to you.”

“Go on.”

“A girl, about your age has been trapped in a secret research facility. I don’t expect you to believe me, but my master said you were surprising people.”

“So, were is thi…” Shiori said.

The girl disappeared.

“Is this some kind of joke, she just disappeared on us!” Kazma for ages was walking up and down yelling.

“Master, master.”

“Have you figured out something Shiori,” Asked Anzu.

“He said we were surprising people, this is just a theory, but I have a hunch Yahiko has something to do with this.”

“Remember who I am, my full, vivid self,” Shiori sung to herself all night.

She was pretty nervous, she had been assigned her first mission but didn’t even know where it was. Tomorrow she was going to ask Yahiko.

“My god what has happened to you, you look awful, my guess, you were experimented on again, oh and how you emotion has changed. I liked it when you looked happy. You look flustered, I’m sorry if I sound rude but may I ask a favor of you. Yes? Right then, if you want to get out of here you must do everything I say, you must not disobey me because when you die, you die.”

Those words echoed through the girls mind, she wondered if she’d ever get out, if this didn’t work she would have to find another way and fast, when you die, you die. That’s what he had told her. Magic isn’t everything, the girl longed for a life of freedom with no magic, that’s what she had always wanted.

“So, what are we gonna do?” asked Mitsuki.

“We’re gonna ask Yahiko,” said Shiori.

“But don’t you think we’ve involved him enough?” replied Mitsuki.

“Him and his weird friends are the ones who involved us.” said Anzu.

“Some gods they turned out to be,” said Kazuma.

Things were changing. What if the group split up or worse got killed on their first mission, the very thought raced through Shiori’s mind. She knew safety was more important, no, she couldn’t give up now. The whole reason she role plays, fights and does what she does is for one reason and one reason only, to enjoy life to the fullest. She would devote her life to this job. She must help everybody. Crazy life in junior high never ends, everybody knows that, even our hope-to-be hero, high-school girl Shiori and the cultural club of magic and annoyance.  
Clearwater High series 1 chapter 4
Sorry it took so long and I mean sorry. I just had stuff to deal with. Also sorry if it's a little short. Enjoy!


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United Kingdom
Hi, I live in england, Untited Kingdom(UK)
I love to draw in my free time
See all my character descriptions on
I also love to write and talking to people.
I love movies and anime
I enjoy using steam
My favorate anime is Durarara
My youtube is:…
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